“The Zone” and time dilation

Sorry to post twice in a day but this occurred to me just as I finished the other post…

Can anybody suggest a good place to go (book, audio, anything) that deals with sports hypnosis? Specifically helping people get into “the zone” so that they can slow down time? I’m thinking of that phenomena where a batter will see the ball coming in slow-motion. Seems like there’s precious little out there on the subject.

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3 thoughts on ““The Zone” and time dilation”

  1. There are mindfulness techniques for reaching such states, though they do require a disciplined approach.

    I would say that there are two states which are really similar to what you wish to experience, it’s what I call the “flow state” and the “rush state”

    What the “rush state” basically is, is a heightened state of focus where your perception and awareness is at the peak of human limits.

    This is also what happens when you’re experiencing the fight or flight response, your body begins to pump adrenaline and dilate your pupils and your mind becomes acutely aware of changes in your environment.

    The “flow state” is where you react purely with muscle memory and don’t experience the mind/body delay, where everything seems to flow, and you simply let your body instantly react to the situation.

    Often described as feeling more as an observer of your own actions, as your movements and reactions happen faster than conscious thought.

    By practicing control over how you respond to and what triggers these responses, you may achieve the result you wish for.

  2. Not hypnosis exactly but having to do with trance, I highly recommend Body, Mind, Sport by John Douilliard, especially the nostril-only breathing he recommends.

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