Social Media, Propaganda, and Mass Hypnosis

Over the course of 2 decades of my Hypnotherapy practice I have hypnotized hundreds of people, helping them make positive changes to lead better quality lives.

From my perspective, what I witness happening in the televised and social media soup today is the opposite of Hypnotherapy and is deeply disturbing.

The public should be aware that the manner in which propaganda and yellow journalism is deployed can have a hypnotic effect on people, especially the most vulnerable, children.

This last presidential election, fake news, “click-bait”, and Daesh can serve to raise our collective consciousness about the dangers of mass hypnosis spread through media as it has recently in regrettable, repugnant, and horrifying ways.

Propaganda, false or misleading information used to manipulate the public’s perceptions and beliefs, specifically designed to produce an emotional response instead of a rational one, distorts the truth, and often panders to human weakness by demonizing a political opponent.

Given enough time and repetition, propaganda’s hypnotic effect can amplify feelings of insecurity, hatred, racism, and fear… or an inhumane sense of empowerment that leads a person to commit crime or don a suicide vest.

Fear puts a person into a more suggestible state, and exposure to toxic propaganda is how vulnerable, desperate, and misguided people can be incited to harm others.

In my view, propaganda is hate speech, not free speech. Facts are facts. If you’re spreading lies or omitting the truth, that’s propaganda.

When you think of hypnosis, most people think that it only happens with your eyes closed… but that is certainly not the case.

There are basically two types hypnotic states, occurring separately or in succession:

  • a deep, “fixed-gaze” type, with eyes opened or closed, which is great for conditioning, learning, and reinforcing, like when listening to music or a self-hypnosis recording,
  • and a “pseudo-REM sleep-lucid dreaming” type with eyes always closed during an interactive guided hypnotherapy session in which a person might have a corrective emotional experience.

Now picture masses of people with fixed gazes… staring at the Telly or watching video clips on their smartphones, immersed in their echo chambers, soaking up biased, toxic, fake news, alternative facts, conspiracy theories, and you can understand my concern.

People can be made to believe just about anything.

It’s time to call yellow journalism and televised political propaganda what it really is: mass hypnosis.

It is my belief that propaganda spread through media harms the public by inducing false memory syndrome.

In my opinion, spreading propaganda, the hypnotic use of media to promote a political agenda, should be banned.

Even at the check out counter.

We need to direct our collective dopamine receptors toward being rewarded with “likes” for saving the planet, not destroying it!

Let’s all put country before party again, and stop the political propaganda. Stop the lying.

It is a human right to know the truth. That’s why we have Science.

Source by Ken Steinmetz


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