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Going through some of my older stuff I noticed a distinct lack of guides to self-hypnosis. Most of them were basically “record yourself reading this induction”… which is basically just hypnosis on a recording. Which isn’t necessarily bad but seems a bit trite and doesn’t respect the fact that the subconscious needs varying amounts of time to do its work, depending on the day, the subject, what we’re trying to accomplish, etc.

Contrast this with Adam Easton’s “Secrets Of Self-Hypnosis Masterclass”, which was just huge and cumbersome… this extended metaphor as a way of anchoring a detailed set of rules, etc… I mean don’t get me wrong, the content was dynamite stuff, but I found myself struggling to wrangle everything together the way it was presented. I’d exit the session early as I struggled to remember “now what comes next?”

So I’m just generally dissatisfied. I need to develop a process that’s:

1. A simple memorized (or even recorded) script that covers all the basics (be in a safe place, external noises won’t affect negatively, other people talking won’t matter, etc…)
2. Induction (honestly this can be glossed over, I can self-induce pretty deep states fairly rapidly now)
3. A method for mentally triggering the process I’ve entered hypnosis to accomplish.
4. **This is the big one**: A method for my subconscious to tell me “I’ve done the work on this, time to emerge yourself with the 5 to 1 count.”

Now that I’ve written it out it really is #4 I’m struggling with.

Any suggestions?

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3 thoughts on “Self-Hypnosis process help”

  1. Try hypnosis with your conscious mind being the driver of the hypnotic suggestion (like think the stuff to yourself). It takes time to practice keeping your mind in control the entire time, but when you can it eliminates the need to figure out how to have your subconscious awake you, because your conscious is in control the whole time.

    It took me a week of trying this once or twice a day before it started working for me. It’s almost hard to classify it as hypnosis at that point though because it almost seems more like a meditation with specific goals in mind.

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