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Resistance Hypnosis with Jacqueline Powers

This video is designed to make the viewer more responsive to hypnosis by making resistance to trance a much less desirable option. Please make sure that you can fully relax before listening to this file. Thank you for watching and have a great day. If you are under 18 you should never video yourself watching a hypnosis video or respond to people requesting that you do so. I made a PSA addressing this topic which you can watch here:
Stay safe online and enjoy. ,

The UltraHypnosis channel is all about Hypnosis. Between myself, Carl Nickleson (Aka UltraHypnosis), and the hypnotist Fiona Clearwater, we have produced hundreds of videos and recordings that cover topics from hypnotherapy to recreational hypnosis.
Our hypnotism videos are designed to induce a trance state where positive, entertaining, and recreational suggestions can be made to the listener’s relaxed and subconscious mind for personal improvement, enjoyment and amusement. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis; you can never be forced to something that you do not want to do while in a hypnotized state. Below are links to our hypnotic video playlists which cover topics including: insomnia, self-esteem, ASMR, guided relaxation and mediation, hypnotic fantasy, and erotic hypnosis. Enjoy and feel free to share our videos.

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47 thoughts on “Resistance Hypnosis with Jacqueline Powers”

  1. I've got a suggestion, though I hesitate because I feel it could be very powerful …
    A slave hypnosis to implant the belief that resistance is useless. That the subject can't fight it, or that fighting it wouldn't do any good. "Resist all you want, your control is still slipping away…"

    Does that seem too much? I'd listen to it.

  2. Eh, you should make one that basically removes all effects of your previous videos. It's getting annoying when my buds can snap their fingers and i'm out of it for 5 minutes or so..

  3. Can you make video, wich is like we must do something and if we want to stop hypnosis, we can't, unless U say we can? It would be cool experience. I always wanted to be in hypnosis like that

  4. the spiral causes my thoughts no negatively react to some sounds like her snaping.
    it generates a rush of negative energy from my toes to head and after said rush I cant at all move the left side of my body and its hard to lean up but I can create half facial expressions and move my right arm perfectly fine


    Okay, so i watched the video can't stop lauging 2, and he sad that i can choose for stop with laughing and continue for an hour. I wanted to stop and he said stop the video. So i did, but i still felt a little bit giggly. And it hasn't stopped and it's 12 hours later! So please help me cause it creeps the hell out of me. Please

  6. that's not completely true, I've been trying so hard to be taken into Trance when sober and don't seem to be able to Fall. I have stage5 Agoraphobia and several social problems but a dam good imagination, I find being slightly drunk (which I've read is not an advised state to be in during attempting this) can help me fall into Trance. at least how I feel when doing so I have not felt before so I can only assume im entering some form of trance
    just a thought and I hope it can help others like me

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