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Pocket watch hypnosis for rapid sleep

The source of fact of pocket watch hypnosis

People have already in their mind the image of hypnotist always includes someone swinging a pocket watch hypnosis. The idea inspired from Hollywood old movies. when hypnosis was featured in a movie it inevitably involved a hypnotist taking out a pocket watch and swinging it gently in front of someone’s face, with their eyes fixated on it. A few seconds later that person would fall into a trance-like state, apparently hypnotized.

Imagine someone just start to swinging a pocket watch in front of you and suddenly you fall into a trance. Of course just swinging a pocket watch and expecting someone to be hypnotized is pure fantasy.Although, if we will combine with some verbal suggestion at the same time, then it is entirely possible to induce a state of hypnosis.

Before we start explain why we could use a watch lets first explain what is hypnosis, Hypnosis is a state of human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion. The term may also refer to an art, skill, or act of inducing hypnosis.

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Is it possible to hypnotize with pocket watch hypnosis

The purpose of a swinging pocket watch does in fact fit the concept of eye fixation that was part of classical hypnosis inductions in years past. the eye fixation inclose concentration and focus, both ingredients of any successful hypnotic induction process. A swinging a watch is just a way to concentrate someone. When they watch the pocket watch hypnosis move from side to side suggestions would be given to relax (“you are feeling sleepy,”) which together create the type of circumstances needed to go into hypnosis.

When you looking at something for a long time with eye level or just above eye level, it tires the eyes. There is a particularly strong connection directly between the eyes and the brain. Obviously when the eyes have closed, it shuts down all visual sensory systems and your ability to see things outside of yourself. This allows the person trying to attain hypnosis to focus more and become more aware of their internal dynamics.

And also This doesn’t mean that Hypnotists/ Hypnotherapist can’t still use a swinging pocket watch hypnosis or pendulum, it’s just there are now many other techniques that can be used to create a hypnotic state.

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15 thoughts on “Pocket watch hypnosis for rapid sleep”

  1. I loved this one! I enjoy the amazing feeling of being hypnotized by a pocket watch. It brings me back to the day I hung out with my cousin, and we went to someone else's house. There, they had a clock, which held a swinging pendulum at the bottom of it. I can remember the faint "tick… tock…" of the swinging pendulum. Such a soothing sound, much like the one in this video. Your voice is irresistible. So gentle, hypnotic, and soothing. I loved the imagery of there being a door within the pocket watch, and seeing your very hypnotizing spiral inside of it. I don't know if it's just me, but your voice has gotten more soothing and hypnotic with each video you create. I haven't been on your channel lately, but this video really caught my attention. Keep it up with all that you do for us, UltraHypnosis! 😀 I love your videos so much, and I've been a loyal subscriber ever since I first discovered your channel.

  2. nice, deep hypnosis, i have a good imagination, & i could picture you swinging an antique, brass pocket watch, in front of my face. my eyes were moving from side to side beneath my closed eyelids, folowing the imaginary watch.

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