Hypnotherapy for SCT?

I know hardly anything about hypnosis, but on /r/SCT, a subreddit for the not well studied mental disorder called Sluggish Cognitive Tempo, I noticed a few posts that sound like descriptions of subconscious related problems. Could those problems be mitigated with hypnotherapy? How about other aspects of SCT? Below are a few examples. I would love to hear your thoughts about this.

Relationship between SCT and learned helplessness? from SCT

> So Russel Barkley mentioned in one of his talks which you can watch on Youtube that there is a linkage between SCT and sensitivity to punishment (=learned helplessness). This is true for me. I have learned helplessness. I feel there is a strong natural link between SCT and feeling ineffective as a person in me. I prefer daydreaming over actually acting out, because I feel I can’t do/achieve what I want anyway. I dis-engage from my surrounding because I feel I can’t have an impact on it, so it doesn’t offer any rewards to engage with the outer surrounding. To describe this feeling: I often have dreams where I am invisible and don’t have a body, but am sth like a ghost. I can’t move objects, but rather float through them. This symbolizes my feeling of not being able to have an effect on my environment. Is there anyone with SCT who has learned helplessness too?

Foggyness as a protection mechanism? from SCT

> I recently became aware that I have a certain aversion against truely concentrating on something.
> It feels like being a little derealized and dissociated from your environment means safety. I am a very anxious person (especially socially anxious) and maintaining this foggy-state-of-mind helps me put up with all this anxiety.
> I am scared that if I try to focus for real, I will have problems slipping back into my protective state of foggyness again afterward.
> Meanwhile, even if I try to concetrate, the result is very poor.
>But, the point is, I somehow don’t want to concentrate anyway. Concentration is scary.

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