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Hypnosis to just let go… | The power of surrender | Release negativity

Let go of negativity….if you’re reading this, chances are you are feeling hurt, disappointment, sorrow, loss, anger….

You are not alone. We all encounter negative feelings which can seem overwhelming and at the same time experience difficulty in moving through this uncomfortable emotion. This session is designed to help you safely face and feel the discomfort of your particular negative emotion…..and then the emotion lets go of you. Peace and love are always within xx

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‘Deep Beneath the Dreaming’ soundtrack by Christopher Lloyd-Clarke
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Recorded at Big Jam recording studios
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30 thoughts on “Hypnosis to just let go… | The power of surrender | Release negativity”

  1. Very relaxing in a very stressful time of loss and hurt. I actually came to tears at one point, which I feel one must pass through to get back to the happiness in life. Thank you.

  2. I always fall asleep, so it works as far as that goes. I will continue to listen to more videos and see how it does over time to improve emotionally. So far I'm impressed, very good work.

  3. I dropped out quickly at 24:42 with the words "or the love of your pet dog." My girl recently died; still affects me. I was physically jolted when she mentions the love of my pet dog; I probably shouldn't try this one again. Session ends with a count up to waking at 25:43:, but music continues to the end.

  4. Your voice and energy are so beautiful and comforting ❤️ thank you so much for being here and helping to bring happiness to our lives 🙏🏻 I did have a bit of a hard time with this one though. It seems I'm not quite able to let go of the hurt and fear that comes up thinking back on loved ones and memories. Those feelings were trying to take over, we had a bit of a tug of war… any suggestions for clearing those? As that's what I was meaning to do with this session. Thank you!!! Echoe

  5. This is fantastic ! You have an amazing and voice I felt I could trust . I could feel potentially great changes being coaxed out of my being and am deeply grateful for your work . Thankyou

  6. Hi Kim. Thanks for this meditation. I listened for the first time last night. Your voice is lovely, so calm, reassuring. I felt so open to my higher self, and wiling to accept whatever came through. I think a message may have come to me in a dream, and it inspires me today. I think I fell asleep during this at some point late in the recording, maybe when you made the suggestion, or sooner, not sure. If I fall asleep very soon into the recording, am I still able to benefit while sleeping? Will my higher self and subconscious mind be able to hear?

  7. I love all the sessions but this one is particularly amazing. Thank you for helping me to let go and feel more deeply connected to my higher self. My life has improved in so many positive ways!

  8. Hi Again, Kim. What a wonderful video. I've been doing some research for my hypnosis licensing class, but I've gotten stuck. I'm trying to research the effectiveness or statistics for hypnosis helping with anxiety in general (not any anxiety disorder), but so far all my research has just brought up hypnosis treatments for anxiety disorders. Any ideas?

  9. I dunno what happend, my body started shaken, it felt like it had to vomit, like a struggling was going on in my body. My mind was so far away. I noticed I was sitting on my chair but it felt like I was floating. And all the colours and shapes running in front of my eyes. Amazing experience.

  10. I really love the content and the tone of your voice. I'm not a subscriber yet but I might be soon. my one recommendation is that when you mix these recordings soften those Ss and the pops in the microphone because those high points are a bit harsh on the ear during relaxation. other than that I thought this was really great!

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