Hypnosis by music?

While listening to some music I like, I occasionally experience that thing where it’s hard to move ones arm, along with other symptoms of hypnosis. Is it possible that with enjoyable music, one could reach a state of focus similar to trance?

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2 thoughts on “Hypnosis by music?”

  1. “Music is innately psychedelic” -Genesis P. Orridge (Psychic TV)

    Interesting situation. What kind of music has this affect on you, or is it music that you like in general?

  2. Yes.
    You can also reach trance by driving a car when you only move straight forward for a longer time, watching tv, reading a book, traveling by train.

    Some say, watching a movie in a cinema would usually lead you so deep in trance (called somnambulism), that you cound recieve an operation without any further suggestions about feeling no pain. But of course you would immediately leave trance as soon as you would recognize that someone is taking out your liver without your permission. Just kidding, you would recognize earlier of course, but to draw the picture.

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